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Few events in life are as painful or as stressful as a divorce or a child custody dispute. When confronted with these issues, it is important to have a lawyer on your side who cares. The Law Office of Cricket Tryon appreciates the dynamic of divorce and family law.

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From Private Consulting to Preparation of Legal Documents to Mediation Services to Full Legal Representation


Offering a thoughtful approach to helping resolve your legal issues while keeping in mind what is most important to you. The Law Office of Cricket Tryon offers a range of options to representation in order to help you navigate the legal process. From private consulting to document preparation to mediation services to full legal representation, there is an option that can help you. Your family law matters are unique to you and your concerns and priorities are important. Let me help you find the way through this difficult time with an individualized assessment to address your legal needs while also being mindful of where you are, emotionally. Sometimes, litigation is an unavoidable necessity. Other times, it can be avoided entirely, allowing for a dissolution to be finalized, or a once contentious issue resolved, without ever having to appear in court. The Law Office of Cricket Tryon uses compassion, common sense, and ten years of experience in the Family Courts in San Diego County to help you through these times.

“I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.”
Abraham Maslow

Mediation Services


If you and the other party would prefer to discuss your issues in the context of the law and try to reach amicable resolution without having to resort to costly litigation in the courts, mediation is a worthwhile service to consider. Mediation is not only more cost-effective than litigation, but it helps you resolve your issues on your terms without creating or exacerbating animosity. 

Litigation Services


Often times, the break-down of a relationship leads to such a level of hostility and disagreement, that it is not possible to resolve issues without the assistance of the Courts. In these situations, one party seeks relief through the Courts, asking a Judge to decide how the issue will be resolved. It is important to have someone on your side who not only knows the law but who also understands the dynamics of the Court process. 

Areas of Practice

Prenuptial & Post-Nuptial Agreements


If you don't like the default 'community property' laws in California, or the ways that the laws dictate how your property will be divided in the event that you get a divorce, you and your fiance or spouse can decide how your property would be divided if you were to divorce. If you want to divide things differently than is proscribed under California laws by executing Pre-Nuptial or Post-Nuptial Agreements.

Paternity and Parentage


Paternity and Parentage actions are filed in the Courts when two people who were never married need to obtain orders regarding child support or child custody and visitation.

Dissolution of Marriage


Dissolution is court-speak for a divorce, when two married no longer want to be married. Dissolving your marriage involves addressing issues like custody and visitation of children, support issues, and property division.

Child Custody & Visitation


Custody and visitation matters are addressed by the court through underlying parentage or dissolution actions. If a parent wants to establish or change custody and visitation orders, a request may be made for the the court to make orders. 


Child Support


Each parent has a legal duty to care for and support their children. If one parent is raising a child without financial help from the other, they can request that the Court order child support to be paid by the other parent. 

Spousal Support


Spousal support is court-speak for what is commonly referred to as alimony. Spousal support may be ordered as a part of the dissolution of your marriage Whether spousal support is appropriate and, if so, the amount and duration depend on a variety of factors.

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Domestic Violence


Domestic Violence matters originate when one person requests that the Court issue a Restraining Order against another person. Temporary Restraining Orders can be obtained relatively quickly to protect someone from threats, harassment, or violence by a spouse or partner. 

Property & Retirement Division

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Dissolving a marriage inherently entails characterizing and dividing 'community' property, or property that was acquired or earned during the marriage. This could range from furniture and furnishings to a home or a retirement account or pension.

Post Judgment Modification

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Often times Court Orders are made and then, at some point, things change and it becomes necessary to ask the Court to change or modify those Orders. These post-judgment modification actions often involve custody and visitation of children or support related issues.

Registration of Out of State Judgments

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If you live in California and you have Court Orders that were made in another State, in some situations you can 'Register' that other State's Court Order here and request that the California Courts enforce or modify that Order.

Department of Child Support Services


Department of Child Support Services, unlike the name suggests, is not the only Court that may address Child Support related issues. Those issues can also, and often are, heard in the Family Courts. The Department of Child Support Services has the ability to enforce child support orders by suspending driver or professional licenses; intercepting tax returns; and even revoking passports. 

Military Families

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Family law matters can present complicated legal and procedural issues for military service men and women and their families. These complications can involve confusion as to which Court, in which State is the appropriate court to hear a certain action. Military family matters may also present unique child custody and visitation issues. 

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